Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What do lessons in Glossiko look like?
All lessons are 1-on-1 with a dedicated Tutor. This guarantees quick progress as the Tutor focuses on your individual needs. Each lesson is 55 minutes long and is usually imparted via Skype or Hangouts, which allows for communication and sharing educational materials. These are the default applications that the majority of our Tutors use, but other applications may also be used depending on the needs of individual students.

Before starting the course proper, you are offered a possibility of having a 30-minute trial lesson, which lets you discuss your individual goals and needs with your Tutor and get to know them. It costs significantly less than a regular lesson.

1-on-1 lessons with a dedicated Tutor will enhance your speaking skills. You can also practise other skills such as grammar, listening, specialised language, including business language, or test preparation. Whatever your goals and motivation, we advise you to book a trial lesson to discuss your needs and expectations with a selected Tutor. Our experience shows that individual online lessons lead to impressive results within a short time!

Are lessons with Glossiko for me?
Sure! Most of our Tutors can teach Students at any level and with different needs (work, travel, pleasure etc.). There are some Tutors, however, who do not teach beginners or students preparing for some examinations. Similarly, not all of them teach to children and adolescents. Before you select a Tutor, make sure to check their profile to see if they are right for you.
When can I have lessons?
It depends completely on you and how intensively you want to study the language. You just need to select a Tutor who works at the times when you would like to take lessons. If your availability is limited, you can contact us at at any time for us to help you select an appropriate Tutor. You can also change your Tutor whenever you wish, although if your current Tutor meets your needs, we advise against any changes.
How long is each lesson?
Lessons are 55 minutes. This amount of time allows to keep the right level of concentration and is not too long for our busiest Students. If you want to practice the language more, you can simply book two (or more) lessons in a row. This way you are going to have 2-hour lessons with a break in the middle.
Why Skype?
Skype is a free tool, which enables communication between Tutor and Student, as well as other activities necessary to conduct a complete lesson: reading, writing, sharing various materials.

Nevertheless, Skype is not the only option, many Tutors use other tools. Pay attention to this information while browsing Tutors’ profiles.

How easy is it to configure Skype?
Configuring and using Skype are extremely easy. To download it, simply click this link and follow the instructions on screen. Once you have installed the app on your device, add your Tutor to your contact list and everything is ready for your classes!

Skype can also be accessed through any Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) on your laptop or tablet. To do it, enter, register as a user, and then log in on

We strongly suggest to perform all these activities before the first lesson in order to avoid any technical issues in its course.

Do the classes use video or only audio?
All Tutors use both audio and video during Skype lessons because we believe this mode of communication is not only easier for you but also less stressful. If, however, you prefer to communicate using only voice and your Tutor has no objections, you can switch your cameras off.
Do I have to buy any materials for the lessons?
No, your Tutor is going to send any and all materials you need.
What do I need to participate in lessons?
For the lessons to run smoothly you need:

1) A good connection to the internet. We would like to remind that a cable connection is much more stable than a wifi connection.

2) A Skype account. If you do not possess it, creating one is free and very easy. Just visit this page.

3) A working computer, tablet, or mobile phone. In the majority of cases, these devices include an in-built speaker and a microphone, which are more than enough to participate in online language lessons.

And remember, you do not need any book!

Are the lessons appropriate for teenagers?
Teenagers sometimes need tutoring to comprehend or expand on the school curriculum. Students frequently share with their Tutor the materials they have been working on at school and the lessons concentrate on these materials and topics. If you are a parent, read Tutors’ profiles carefully before selecting one as only some of them teach to Students who have yet to come out of age. We always require a parental consent before booking lessons for an adolescent. We also ask for information on the age and study goal of adolescents before a trial lesson.
I have not been studying the language for some time now. How will the Tutor assess my actual level?
Your Tutor will assess your level during a trial lesson between you. Afterwards, they will adjust the course level to your individual needs. You will also discuss your specific goals then.
What if I want to assess my current level on my own?
You can do it yourself with the online tests below:

grammar and vocabulary all listening reading
English Exam English Oxford Online English Oxford Online English
German Deutsch Lernen
GLS German Courses
Goethe Institut
French Akademija Oxford Institut Linguistique Adanet
Spanish Akademija Oxford Instituto Cervantes
How does it work in the case of companies and other organisations?
Companies frequently make use of our services to help their employees hone their language skills. An online school is an ideal way to learn a language for busy employees, making it possible for them to participate in lessons from home or office in hours convenient for them. Lessons are adjusted to the student’s individual needs and can concentrate on specialist language, including business language. Our prices are very competitive, and in addition, we are able to offer discounts for purchasing multiple lessons as a bundle. If you represent an organisation which is interested in entering into cooperation with Glossiko, please contact us on

Trial lesson

What can you tell me about a trial lesson?
During a 30-minute trial lesson, you will be able to practice the language you are interested in and see for yourself what individual online language lessons look like. Your Tutor will assess your level and ask you about your needs and interests. This will then allow the Tutor to personalise your lessons. We encourage you to speak the language you would like to practise during the trial lesson as much as possible. If you deem your level to be insufficient, read the profile of the Tutor of your choice carefully to see if you share a common language.

You can book a trial lesson and select your ideal Tutor here.

How to book a trial lesson?
You can book a trial session here. Before that, have the opportunity to go through Tutors’ profiles here and select the one that is most compatible with your needs and availability.

If for any reason you find it difficult to select a Tutor, click here for us to arrange a trial lesson with a Tutor we consider most suitable for you. We will send an email response at the earliest possible time.

What do I have to do after booking a trial lesson?
After making a reservation, all you need to do is to find your Tutor on Skype and add them to your contact list. We also suggest you add the information about your trial lesson to your e-calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal) with the special button in the lesson email confirmation.

If you still have not installed Skype, you can download it and create a new account on this page.

If you already have a Skype account, you can click this link before the lesson start to initiate a Skype connection from any device without the necessity of downloading the application.

Can I book more trial lessons with other Tutors?
Our rules and regulations provide the opportunity for each new Student to attend up to two trial lessons. Should there have been any technical issues during a trial lesson, send us an email to with a detailed explanation about what has occurred.

Prices, payments and other rules

How much do lessons cost and where can I buy them?
Click here to check the prices and to make a payment.
How can I make a payment?
You can make a safe payment with your credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) on our website.

Important! If you make a payment in a currency other than the currency of your bank account, your bank may charge a commission for the conversion.

Do I have to use the credits purchased in a specified time?
We understand that sometimes things get in the way of studying a foreign language so we give you 6 months from the day of the purchase to fully use the credits on your Glossiko account. You have to use up the credits within this time.

Should you not utilise all the credits in the designated time, in justified cases, you can request prolonging this period. Email us on

If you decide to cancel your subscription, we will refund you for the unused lessons but without the discount for purchasing a package of 5 or 10 lessons, and refund handling fees. Bear in mind as well that the refund will be processed in the currency of the initial payment and if the currency is different from the currency of your account, and your bank may charge a commission for currency conversion.

Why cannot I reschedule or cancel a lesson?
You can reschedule of cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before its planned start. A possibility to cancel just before the lesson would be unjust for our Tutors, who reserve time for a lesson with your. The 24-hour rule is displayed in many places on the page and in lesson confirmation emails.
What will happen if I do not show up to a lesson?
If you book a lesson but do not connect with your Tutor within 15 minutes of the lesson start time, your lesson will be automatically closed and classified as “Failed to Attend” and you will still be charged for the full class. Remember that if you expect not to be able to show up to the lesson, you can reschedule it up to 24 hours before its planned start with the ‘Reschedule or Cancel’ button in the lesson confirmation email.
What is the policy regarding refunds?
In order to receive a refund for unused credits, you can email us within 28 days from the moment of making a payment.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will be charged the standard individual class rate for the classes you have taken minus any handling fees, and the remaining amount will be returned to you. Bear in mind as well that the refund will be processed in the currency of the initial payment and if the currency is different from the currency of your account, your bank may charge a commission for currency conversion.


Who are your Tutors?
Our Tutors are carefully selected specialists in their field who have to have undergone a rigorous recruitment process. You can review their profiles (including videos) before you decide to book a lesson with any of them.

If any questions or doubts arise after reviewing the profiles, you can consult us by emailing

Will I always have lessons with the same Tutor?
We recommend cooperation with one Tutor only as a good rapport established over time between a Student and a Tutor helps immensely in the learning process. Nevertheless, you can change your Tutor whenever you want to (read the next question for more information).

Moreover, at times a temporary substitution of a Tutor may be necessary because of the lack of availability of your Tutor to date due to, for instance, an illness.

Can I change a Tutor?
Although we do not recommend it (see the question above), sometimes a change of Tutors may breathe some new life in a language course. Some Students take lessons with more than one Tutor at a time. If you wish to book lessons with a new Tutor, you have a possibility to do so directly on the website or by messaging us and requesting us to assign an new/additional Tutor. Remember about contacting your new Tutor via Skype before the next lesson. If you fail to do so and your new Tutor and you cannot connect, you will lose credits
How can I start working as a Tutor?
You will find all the necessary information here. You can apply by filling out this form.