Terms and Conditions for Teachers

Latest update: 10 August 2020

If you wish to be a Tutor in Glossiko, you must read and agree to these Tutors Terms of Services (“Tutors Terms”). If you do not agree to these Tutors Terms in full, you will not be authorised to provide tuition services in this Site and you will not be entitled to receive any of the benefits provided by the Tuition Services.

1- Tutors registration and list of services

Approval as tutor
To become a “Tutor”, first you must present a Tutor request. Tutor requests are assessed by Glossiko for their approval. If your Tutor Request is approved, you may start offering lesson services. Glossiko is not entitled to supervise how you provide lessons or set your timetable.

Description of tuition services
You may show your profile and create an intro video for the Students to view. You will provide the information you wish to be shown on your profile, which will then be added to the site. You are entitled to request changes on your profile at any time (although the profile must be precise and adjust to our standard profile layout). You agree:

a. To write a specific, detailed and clear description of the service and lessons.

b. To set expectations that you can meet or exceed.

c. Not to create services with the aim of defrauding or providing services other than those described in the description. This includes offering your services free of charge.

d. Not to announce any third party services.

e. Not to include any personal contact information, including, but not limited to, email, phone number or identification in social media.

2- Provide lessons

Guidelines for providing lessons

Once you have received a request for Tuition Services, you agree to the following guidelines:

a. Use Glossiko website and third party services to manage Students’ requests.

b. Answer within 24 hours to any communication related to the lessons, whether from the Student or Glossiko.

c. Advise the Student of you availability.

d. Advise the Student if you are not available for more than one business day.

Any Student who is not satisfied with your tuition service must contact you directly. First, you must try to solve any issue or complaint directly with the Student.

If the issue or complaint cannot be solved between the Tutor and the Student, Glossiko will use all the communication registries as evidence to assess the dispute and provide a final solution. In case the parties do not accept the solution, they have the right to refer the matter to a common court.

In you were not able not advise the Student in advance due to an emergency situation, you are asked to give an explanation to the Student as soon as possible.

Additional guidelines for tuition services
Your personal details will not be shared with third parties. You will be given access to the details that allow you to contact your Students and offer them a service adapted to their needs. These details may include: the Student’s name, his email address, motivation to learn, his Skype ID, phone number, approximate language level and country of residence.

You undertake to use these details only for purposes of tuition to the Students and not to share them with third parties. These details must be kept in Acuity Scheduling, our software provider. These details may be shared with you by Glossiko from time to time, by email or Skype. If a Student contacts you to ask you about their details or to ask you to erase them, you must communicate it to Glossiko promptly for measures to be taken.

Provide tuition services
You are expected to give your lessons in a manner that results in a high level of satisfaction to the Students. You are breaching these Terms of Service, if:

a. You do not provide any Tuition Service for which payment has been accepted.

b. You do not make reasonable efforts to solve a dispute with the Student.

c. You create unacceptable levels of dissatisfaction on the Students.

d. You breach the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or other policies.

Glossiko reserves the following rights to take any of the following actions at any time and in our sole discretion:

a. Cancel the lessons booked with one or more Students up till then.

b. Limit your account privileges.

c. Suspend or terminate your account.

d. Retain all payments in extreme cases.

e. Contact the institutions in charge of enforcing the law.

3- Remuneration 

The remuneration is paid to the Tutors in arrears by the tenth day of the month following a given billing month to the bank account indicated by the Tutor before the first lesson imparted within Glossiko. The remuneration is transferred by a bank transfer or via an Internet payment operator. The remuneration depends on the Tutor’s experience, the fact that he is a native speaker of the language and completed language university studies, and is agreed individually with each Tutor before the first lesson provided within Glossiko.

4- Contact with Customer Service

If you wish to inform of a breach of the Site or Service policies, have any question or need assistance, you can contact Glossiko Customer Service through:

Line Support

Email: contact@glossiko.com