Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question on the list, do not hesitate to contact us through this form.

What is Glossiko?
Glossiko is an online language tutoring platform. Students of all ages and at all levels use Glossiko to take personalised language lessons via Skype or Hangouts (or other means) with the best Tutors from all over the world.
What requirements do you have to meet to become a Tutor?
Requirements for Tutors are the following:

For Tutors teaching their native language, one of the following:
– two years of teaching experience in that language
– university studies connected with the language

For Tutors teaching their non-native language:
– two years of experience in teaching the language or
– a certificate confirming the knowledge of the language (at least C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or
– university studies connected with the language

Apart from this, the knowledge of other languages at level B1 (acc. to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) will allow you to teach beginners as some students have a preference for studying a language through other languages they know. Resolving any doubts this way becomes much easier.

In addition, Tutors must have a stable Internet connection, a working microphone and a webcam. Newest computers have an inbuilt microphone and camera, but external devices guarantee a better audio and video quality. The Internet speed you need is at least 2 Mbps. You can test the current speed of your connection here. You can apply by filling out this form.

How are lessons taught?
Hangouts (or other means). This allows Tutors to share their language knowledge in a personalised and interactive manner. The differences between live lessons and online lessons with a skilled, knowledgeable Tutor are negligible. Tutors have full autonomy in deciding what methods and materials to use.

Apart from this, Tutors have Google Drive tools at their disposal, allowing them to create a separate folder for each student where files, materials and notes can be shared between the Student and the Tutor.

How long are the lessons?
A lesson lasts 55 minutes, which means there is a 5-minute break between lessons if a few ones in a row are planned.
How can you book a lesson?
Tutors can easily share their availability in their calendars on the website, information about their Students can be checked there as well. Once a Student books a lesson with a Tutor, they receive an email confirmation. Students can book lessons with a simple and intuitive online application. They also receive a booking confirmation in the form of an email which includes the option to add the lesson to their e-calendar (Google / Outlook / iCal). We offer technical assistance to both Students and Tutors in managing Glossiko tools.
What is the rescheduling and cancellation policy?
Students can reschedule or cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before its planned start. This rule is aimed at protecting Tutors and their precious time.

Although the Glossiko system does not allow to cancel a lesson less than 24 hours before its planned start, some Tutors may occasionally allow their students to reschedule less than a day before should they have unexpected circumstances, such as illness.

Should you have an unexpected emergency and are unable to give lessons for a few days, you should let us know at

How will I obtain students?
People interested in having lessons through Glossiko can book a trial lesson at a discounted price before they start regular lessons. A trial lesson is 30 minutes and allows you to present your methods and get a feel for working with the student.

An enthusiastic, funny Tutor, who always tries to make their lessons interesting always attracts more new students.

How do you set lesson prices?
Students transfer credits to their Glossiko account, which allows them to purchase lessons with our Tutors. The price of a single lesson depends on the language and the package size purchased. On the other hand, a a Tutor’s remuneration depends on the language they teach and their experience.
How much can I earn with Glossiko?
This depends on many factors: your availability, the knowledge of other languages and the quality of your work, among others. Some Tutors earn €100-250 per month working part-time, others provide many more lessons and earn a few times more.
What will be my relationship with Glossiko?
Like other similar online platforms, Glossiko cooperates on the B2B basis with freelance Tutors. This means that you manage your legal and tax obligations, but at the same time you decide about the methods you use to teach and the hours when you teach. We do not offer any consulting in the matters related to running a sole proprietorship because we do not possess sufficient expertise on how it functions in different countries.
What do you expect from Tutors and how will my work be assessed?
We expect you to perform to the best of your abilities to help Glossiko students effectively achieve their language goals. This means adjusting to the needs of different students and using diverse teaching methods to render lessons pleasant and effective.

We also expect you to organise your work, which includes:

  • keeping your availability information in your calendar up to date so that students can books lessons with you trouble-free;
  • start lessons on time. Attitudes to punctuality differ from culture to culture, but students normally do not tolerate even short delays.

We reserve the right to suspend the account of a Tutor on our website at any time due to problematic situations. For instance, if we receive a number of complaints about a Tutor from multiple students, as this affects the reputation of all Glossiko Tutors. In extreme cases we will terminate cooperation with such Tutors.

Do I have to create my profile?
Yes, you have to create a 2-to-4-minute teacher introduction video. We have instructions available to help guide you through the process. Aside from the video, we require a form with basic information about you as a teacher; we will not request any personal information. The information we receive will be used to create your profile on the website for students to see before they select their Tutor.
When can I expect a response from Glossiko to my application?
If we are looking for new Tutors and your experience fits our profile, we will contact you within 10 working days. If we are not looking for new Tutors, we will respond to your application when new vacancies are created. You can apply by filling out this form.